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>> there you have it, the victory speech by president obama and joe biden and his family. the president said he is returning to the white house for four more years. he returns more determined than ever to tackle the problems of this nation. he said he spoke to governor
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romney and congratulated him. he said the family has chosen to give back and it is a legacy that we honor tonight. that was the work done by the romney family. this was a speech filled with campaign workers, campaign volunteers the president said this is the best campaign team and volunteers in the history of politics after his victory tonight, it may be hard to argue the case other wise. the president said -- tried to lay an optimistic tone. we have a war that ended and a war that will soon end. this was an expensive campaign. as much as the excitement is here tonight, it is worth noting that we have a president returning to office and a senate still being held by the democrat, the house being held by a republican.
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to think a division in washington where we have seen, a cooperation between those groups over the last four years. the question is moving ahead over the next four years can that gap be bridged. the president suggested that the devastation in the east coast may be a sign that the company can work together, we shall soon see. >> ken, honestly i don't know how you can concentrate or hear yourself think with all of that excitement going on mind -- behind you. what is it like to be in that room right now? >> it is certainly, it remind me of a convention frankly. the last speech of a convention. you have thousands of people on their feet celebrating along with the president and his family and the bidens. >> all right. >> what a celebration there. president obama spoke for
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probably just about 30 minutes or so. and again you see the end result there. a very excited crowd. president obama getting four more years. the president saying he can finish the job he started four years ago. >> you can see the crowd there, not wanting to leave the room as they come and wave with all the family members flanked by their side. you think about the day they've been in the last months and months they've been campaigning and making all the stops and the hard work and this is the culmination and just, it's just hard to imagine what that feeling must be like for these families knowing the outcome tonight and that they have their work now cut out for them for the next four years and this crowd here tonight is just loving it. >> just wonderrering, i wonder what it's like to be up on that stage. i wonder what it's like to be one of his two daughters out there knowing that your daddy just got elected as president. four more years you're going to live in the white house for four more years. the celebration is tonight and tomorrow it's get back to work
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and there's a lot of work ahead for this country. >> there you have it. president obama, the first lady michelle obama all holding hands there. quite a picture, vice president joe biden. the team there will be another four years to run this country. >> cory i can't imagine how tired they must be after all of the campaigning that's been going on. i mean almost nonstop. especially for the last couple of weeks or so. they must just be exhausted. i'm surprised he can even just talk. >> probably running on pure adrenaline now. >> take some time off, take a deep breath and get back to governing. >> what an exciting moment here for this family. and the vice president's family here. as they soak it up now. really his speech tonight it wasn't one of gloating, one of big celebration but he really talks like ken mentioned trying to be more uniting and bringing together. reaching across the aisle saying he wanted to reach out to mitt romney and work
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together. >> we touched on that. we touched on that waiting for the president to come out. we're going to work, reach across the aisle. work together as one country and work to solve our problems. easier said than done. >> easier said than done but this is a first step. one of the things that president obama has done well is modulate his speech. he's known for these big broad ambitious forward looking speeches. i think in this campaign he's done a good job of really connecting with the mood of voters which is saying, we're not really sure how things are going to go. i think the speech has hit the mood of the country. we're a little anxious what the last four years is going to look like. it wasn't a grand speech, it wasn't a bold speech. >> cory stay with us, we want to get to some local numbers we're going to move on but thanks we're going to come back to you in a little bit. >> president obama reelected for another four years. californians overwhelmingly cast their votes for president
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obama. here's a look at the percentages president obama with 55%. mitt romney with 42%. 29% of the precincts reporting. california's 55 electoral votes obviously helped put president obama back in the white house for another four years. in florida, one of the key swing states, there were long lines at a lot of polling places that stretched well into the evening. observers say high voter turn out, long ballots 11 pages in some counties and some minor computer glitches contributed to long waits. we heard reports in some cases this is amazing of three hour waits in some spots during the lunch hour. and as of now, florida is still too close to call. >> for weeks the polls have pointed to a very tight presidential race coming down to a few key states. >> ken wayne and heather --
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[captioner transition.
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the winner with a lot fewer than 98% of the votes. and the reason for that was most of the gop strong holds in ohio had been counted and still a large number of votes in the subsqushs and northern ohio, the big cities where there are strong democrat there. so more democrat and that's why ohio was kaldz even though we didn't a 100% of the vote counseled. . >> we do have some more swing states to look at. new hampshire went to president obama tonight. also to virginia, a states that wasn't called until just an hour or so ago and let's take a look at the total there. you can see president obama
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winning in virginia. now let's move to north carolina, the only one to mor tonight. and it was very close in north carolina. 51% to 49. one state and that is florida. i have some information to give to you later on, but take a look. still close to call. florida with 29 votes. the only state outstanding at this point. >> all right. thank you. we want to go back to boston. she's at mitt romney's head quarters tonight. rita. >> juliee, i can't tell you what a contrast. look behind me where everyone has gone home here. just about an hour ago you heard mitt romney appear alone on stage to con seed the election. his second run for the white house. he said he'd just call president obama to congratulate him on the
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victory. >> the nation is at a critical point. we can't risk bickering. our leaders have to reach across the isles to do the work. >> now, unlike some elections i've covered, this trul yg was one of the few elections where bots candidates believed until the end that they could wind. mitt romney held out as long as he could privately disputing the projections but in the end, acceptance. >> but the nation chose another lead sxr so an and i join with you to pray for him and this great nation. thank you and god bless america. you're the best. >> now, you saw him joined on stage with his wife, his children, his running mate. the party is over. most people have gone home, but
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today, it is now tuesday -- or wednesday, and the business beginnings. the hard business of trying to heal this country and bring the nation together. reporting live. ktvu news. >> hundreds and hundreds of students came out to watch the returns on the big screen. been there all evening. debra, what did they think of the president's acceptance speech. >> they loved it. applauded through out. >> the big crowd is now gone. make no mistake. they are celebrating. [ cheering ]. >> that was the ex-static reaction from this koud of students. shock, zreems, hugs, cheers. this left leaning campus had worked hard on voter
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registration. especially for prop 30. but clearly the emotion of this night was reserved for the president. >> this is the first election where we can vote. so we're watching the screen and thinking our vote matters to reelect the president. >> it's a different experience. different than watching on the computer in my room. you feel how much of a community you have here supporting the president. >> a lot of student voters. romney made a really funny comment about how you should only go to college if you can afford it. >> the vib is just so good. everyone is so joyous that president obama is -- will be here for four more years. [ chanting obama ]. >> looks like we lost our signal
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there. needless to say, there was a huge crowd and they were very, very -- enthuse yasic. let's move on to the us senate now. the democrats will ad to their slim majority. she cruised to an easy victory tonight against her little known challenger elizabeth. the democrat edge is due in part to a pair of -- remarks about rape. it appears 53 seats will go to democrat with a few races still too close to call. and the house of representatives will remain in republican hands with 250 seats -- republicans
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but the gop beat two deps democrats and picked up three seats held by democrats who left congress. >> you will find up to the minute election results for the races on the bottom of your screen. k just look for the election right on our front page. >> california voters had state propositions to consider. two would increase taxes to pay for education. our election center now with a look of those and some of the other big issues. >> more money out of your pocket could be the result that voters have decided. the first one is prop 30. the governor had warned of dras das rick cuts. the governor campaigned as late as yesterday. 30 is meant to fund public education through higher income tags taxes for those who earn -- sales tax by a quarter of a --
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taking a look at the numbers, split even. it's still early, but this one is a dead heat. moving to prop 32. 32 would limit donations contributing to candidates through payroll deductions. 32 looks like the nos have it. moving along to prop 34. 34 would eliminate the death penalty making first degree murder with special circumstances pun sqishlable -- on death row to life in pr prison without parole. only 40% reporting -- this is
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the one that would increase penalties for human trafficking. taking a look here, this is our first overwhelming yes. 83 yes, 17% against prop 35. prop 37 this one would require that all foods that have been genetically engineered be labeled as such and it appears the nos have it. keep in mind, there are several more say proposition voters decided today including one that went down in defeat. we'll have those coming up. >> proposition 30 keeping the state from cutting billions of dollars from public education appears too close to call. amber lee is in sacramento tonight where the governor is
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watching the returns coming in. amber. >> juliee, hundreds of people are here to see the governor. the people you see on the stage are speaking about prop 30 to the initiative that they're against the initiative. no on 32. keeping unions -- still no jerry brown yet. and just a short while ago, yes on prop 30 actually took a small lead. so this crowd has been -- they say they were optimistic and still waiting to hear from the governor. we will bring it to you as soon as he's here. >> and proposition 38 and competing tax measure is on the ballot.
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this one looks like it's going down in defeat. supporters say prop 38 will generate ability 10 billion dollars for schools opponents arresting tax on the middle class and could force family businesses to cut jobs or move out of state. >> social media, it was huge tonight. especially twitter and facebook. >> what's trending in social media at this hour. eric. >> new topics since the president made his speech. now, minutes after the major networks began calling the race for president obama, twitter says election related tweets spiked to 327,000 per minute if you can get your arms around that. one comment that more people read and shared than any other
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and we'll share that with you. president obama's twitter account sent out this photo of him hugging first lady with the words four more years. twitter reports it has become the most retweeted tweet ever. that's the most shared postof all time pass dz along by more than 467,000 people last check. donald trump has been an out spoken critic of the the president. trump tweeted and i'm quoting here we can't let this happen. we should march on washington. that tweet and a few others have fired up people all over the internet tonight. the national state and local level on this election night. find us at ktvu.
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>> you can use the hash tag ktvu. >> if you voted in santa clark county this is where your bounty came. >> we have crews spread out getting last minute details on crucial races as our election 2012 continues.
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. >> back now to our cover. in the south bay, he is losing
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it would have allowed for an increase in the number of card tables and forms of card room gambling. measure d is winning. that would increase minimum wage. winning comfortably. >> well, frank, you mentioned the effort in santa fe to raise the minimum wage. she is absolutely thrilled with the results. she said started that effort were in tears tonight. those against it, chamber of commerce. registers office and this is an area of bustling activity.
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this is where your volt was sent to be counted. more than 200 volunteers are here. bringing these ballots to be countor counted. various red and blue bags. bags loaded and then the volunteers tart start to sort them. just ten minutes ago we spoke with the register of voters about how he will handle the closest races in santa clara county. >> those ones -- we'll take a look ot those and those will be the first to open tomorrow. >> heres a look, these bins are where these orange bags -- each one of these bins represents a -- this will rap up shortly but the other group in the other
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room councy spekts to be here until 3:30 in the morning. this man in the blue shirt, he's a father of three, he just voted for the first time after 30 years of being in this county kunlt -- country he said it's wonderful. >> we want to take you to sacramento. jerry brown is speaking on proposition 30 which is very close at this hour. >> proposition 30, i know a lot of people had some doubts, had some questions about can you really go to the people and ask them to vote for a tax. well, when i ran for governor, i said three things. one, i want to level with you. no more smoke and mirrors on the
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budget. two, we're not going to have any taxing unless people vote for it. three, move government as close as we can to local government and the people. well, here we are. i think the only place in america where a state actually said let's raise our taxes for our kids for our schools for our california dream. and i want to acknowledge and recognize and thank everyone who was a part of that. people standing blind me, in front of me. the different groups that gave funds. and by the way, we ought to acknowledge that what a wide coalition. people who would not agree on many things came together. they came together for many reasons. but a core reason that brought
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people together is supporting proposition 30 was a belief in our schools and our university and in the capacity of the state government to make some wise investments that will benefit all of us. that's what prop 30 was all about. and i want to thank you. the state's had troubled times. we'll have challenges ahead. but the last years we've come together we've made major advances. and tonight with president obama elected opposed by some of the same forces that opposed you that opposed proposition 30 and keep saying government can't do anything right. well, let's not go over board with the cool aid of the market
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who are thinking this is the point that america works with both business and individuals, with labor and management. they pull together. so proposition 30 is a you know fig force. yes on california. we're all in it together. thank you very much. . >> governor jerry brown. proposition 30 is ch he thinks is going to win. it is a tie at 50%. actually yes is ahead by 38,000 votes. you've been looking at the specific counties and you think prop 30s going to win. >> i think it's going well for the governor. if you look at the swing
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counties, sacramento county, it's passing all those counties. those are go predictors. barely counting its ballots. areas where you try to read tea leaves, you can see why he's optimistic. >> watched across the country. >> i think several of the ballot propositions. the criminal justice reform, the death pent, prop 32 on unions and the tax measures are being watched around the country. >> stay with us. right now we'll go back to bay area races and get more to you. san francisco -- the numbers are right here. a lot voting yes for proposition a. 72% with reporting there.
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proposition b is a bond measure to provide funding for the city's parks. it looks like it has it tonight. proposition b winning voter approval tonight. moving on to proposition e a simple majority is required here. looks like proposition e is getting the nod. and proposition f calls for the city to continue draining the reservoir. san francisco would have to find ways to replace that. again, a simple majority is required. proposition dpchlt is going down in defeat tonight. >> more election coverage tonight when we come back . >> and while some people are heading to bed, election are
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just getting started. why the mail ballots could delay some results. >> and the party continues in san francisco as democrats react to the president's reelection. [ female announcer ] this is the story of sam,
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. [ cheering ]. a spon containous celebration outside the white house. cheers a. >> still bay races up in the air at this hour. >> election workers are counting the thousands and thousands of ballots cast. >> the presidential election has been called, these people are
11:33 pm
just getting started. processing these ballots. you can see them. the white ballot boxes. that pulled up about five minutes ago. they have got to get this unloaded. they have trucks waiting behind. some video of ballots being delivered by some people by car. the red envelopes -- the blue boxes contain the vote by mail ballots. 34% for turn out. this year more people requested mail in ballots. and they'll take a while to process. could make up 20% of the ballots. enough to make a difference in some close races. >> if it's close, they've got to get their victory in that 20%.
11:34 pm
so they'll wait for us to process them. that could be 60,000 ballots. that could take 2, 3 days to count. >> cannot go home until all the ballots are delivered. these workers will be up into the night to make sure everything gets processed. and more results now. measure a is winning so far. that means tax will be levied to help the college district. >> rejected a soda tax. 1 cent per ounce on sugar bef rajs.
11:35 pm
the latest tally shows this measure winning with 62%. marijuana stores in the city. so far 63% have voted no on measure c. this would allow to grow marijuana. >> campaign battles from cost to cost. washington d.c. remains the same as it was before the election. on the balance of power there. scott. >> amazing to think of julie, the president keeps the white house democrats keep the senate. after two years of washington grid lock, the power structure remains as is. >> after cheering crowds surrounded the white house, president obama spoke and acknowledged he'll be dealing
11:36 pm
with the same adversaries an capital hill. >> we are an american family and we rise and fall together. >> the gop keeps the us house and for the first time in year there were so many competitive races in california. the votes being tallied late into the night. not nearly enough which will lead to speculation the house democrat leader who during her speech didn't say if she'll stick around. >> us, us, us. >> washington state senator patty murray for senate democrat who managed in part thanks to blow out in presidential battle states in ohio and pennsylvania. >> when we started two years ago with this cycle no one thought
11:37 pm
we had keep the majority. were going to do great, keep the majority and have great people. >> so when will the decision come? within a few days of thanksgiving. of course an announcement could come sooner but no later than the end of the month. live in d.c. tonight. >> back to the bay area, voters all across the bay area cast votes in races today. ktvu have been following those races, two of which gained national coverage. >> democrat versus democrat clash in district 15. take you now to the live results that we have and take a look. long time congressman facing his toughest challenge. take a look at the numbers. eric a fellow democrat is leading pete stark right now. 54 to 46%. still to close to call, but
11:38 pm
declared winners in other districts. including let me go ahead and go to district 14, that has been jackee spear will be in office for another term. we're going to go to district 17 where an incumbent will remain in office. going on now to district 18 where we have a winner here which is the incumbent. she will get another few years in office. going on to district 19 where an incumbent was reelected. one more district, 20, and sam has won election here. >> one of the things to pay attention licence has retired in district 2 so we take a look and see how this is shaping up with jared is the winner in district
11:39 pm
2. district 3 we'll take a look at that race right now. a close one. cannot call it yet. being challenged by kim. too early to call. district 5. mike thompson is the winner. he recontains his seat there. george miller in this area, he has been reelected there. now to another district where you will recognize the name of this representative nancy. 85% over her challenger. she easily wins in her race there. and the same situation across the bay and the east bay for barbara and 84% margin of victory. so that's how things shape up here in this battle and so we have the incouple bants declared
11:40 pm
winners except pete stark. >> it is very close and what an upset that would be. we'll keep an eye on that. >> hoouj night for democrats in the bay area. supporters needless to say are celebrating. spent the evening with democrats in san francisco watching those results. david, still some democrats hanging out. >> there are. take a look behind me. san francisco party has mostly emptied out. the president's speech left them excited. hundreds of people packed the party at this former record store. actually, the warm weather brought in a lot of people who were passing by or driving by for this party that was head lined by local democrat leaders and residence.
11:41 pm
>> it's never about winning or losing, it's about the opportunity to work for each other because that's how the giants did it. >> i'm so happy. i feel like we'll live some more. four more years, yes. [ cheering usa ]. >> either went down in flames or did not go against -- specifically they called off the vote against as an example. the party continued through. you can hear chanting "four more years". that party's winding down. reporting live in san francisco. >> we want to welcome our viewers who joined us on tv 36 just a few minutes ago and we
11:42 pm
are constantly updating the election on the bottom of the screen. just look for the election 2012 on our front page on our website. >> californias voted for higher taxes. in our election center with the latest results. >> well, julie, we just brought you coverage to push for prop 30. it would also bump up the sales tax for everybody. remember when we checked on prop 30, it was split 50/50. you see here, the race is very tight, but no longer 50/50. yeses 52, nos 48. so that has changed. let's move to prop 31. it would revise the state budget
11:43 pm
process. it expands the governor's budget power. when it comes to this one, similar split. 41% say yes but the nos have it. moving to prop 33. change how car insurance rates are calculated and allow drivers to keep a loyalty discount even if they change proirs. so far do not like this idea. 54 responding no and 46 say yes. moving to prop 36. this revises the three strikes law. it would reduce the sentence for certain for life in prison. it looks like in a big way, voters like this idea. 69% coming in with a yes vote. 31% voting no.
11:44 pm
now to proposition 37. labeling for genticly engineered food. here we see it looks like voters are not ready for this one yet. the yes vote at 45 and 55 for no. prop 38 opposing prop 30. 38 would have hiked taxes for almost all californiians spent in the class room. voters said no in a big way here. 73% saying no to just 27 saying yes again with half reporting. finally proposition 39 and this would require businesses to calculate their california income tax based on the -- to keep their california staff small. the voters like this idea with 60% voting yes to the nos at
11:45 pm
40%. we will continue to bring you more --. >> let's go pack to the presidential -- ktvu is in wall nut creek where that celebration quickly turned to disappoint, john. >> this was supposed to be a big celebration for the republican party, but you can see, that party never happened. this is the restaurant where some 100 republicans gathered to cheer their candidates to a win, but it didn't work that way. >> numerous people cleared out and headed for home. we talked about why he lost. >> i'm disappointed that he lost. i really -- i voted for him. >> a long time coming republicans are losing the prosperity argument. they lost the tax cut argument.
11:46 pm
>> america chose a socialist leader rather than a cappatalist economy. >> continue to add debt. things will get worse and worse. >> there were some democrats in the crowd. at least at one table in corner. >> well, i didn't want to gloat in front of their faces but i'm happy that the security of my future is in good hands. >> so tears of joy mostly for the democrats, but a lot of sadness for the republicans. i heard one woman say "i'm going to go to my car and cry." >> several sales tax hikes is winning by a strong margin tonight. the hike tax would last for eight years and be used to maintain funding for city
11:47 pm
services including fire and police protection. in santa clara county there is a sales tax losing right now. moving on now, voting down a sales tax hike. parks open spaces. >> voters also saying no to proposition p. it is a 1% sales tax increase. >> let's check back now. he's in the news room with what he's seen in social media. >> it's been a very busy night. twitter now reports there were more than 31 million election related tweets today alone. that makes it easily the biggest day for social media in its short history. comments about president obama victory still leading the way. a lot of people tweeting
11:48 pm
portions of the president's acceptance speech. we can tell you among those celebrating the president's victory is crystal. she went to our facebook page "i am proud of ur youth in america." thank you forgetting out and letting your voice be heard. "still hearing from many of you." in addition to all of the talk act the president's victory, we're beginning to see prop 30 trending as those results deny to roll in in what looks like a tight night here. >> live in the news room. >> voters in four states are casting votes on same sex marriage and early votes passing in -- amendment would deny a same sex couple the right no
11:49 pm
marry. currently that race is split. voting on the legalization of marijuana. not medical marijuana. in colorado a measure is leading that would allow marijuana to be taxed. early returns show another measure is passing in the state of washington for adults. but reactional marijuana is being rejected in oregon. to pay for animal care at the oakland zoo. it looks like it is trailing. supporters of the measure argued it would keep the animals well cared for. opponents said not enough over site of how the zoo spends its money and more pressing matters. >> deciding on a -- it looks like it is on track to do something. sitting or lying on the
11:50 pm
sidewalks of commercial areas from 7 in the morning until 10 at night. the measure is needed to prevent loitering. it criminalizes an innocent activity. >> corey cook for a final words tonight. watching the state propositions -- prop 30 is close to call. any surprises or your final thoughts. >> i think 30's a surprise. it was dipping below 50%. when things have been at that, they don't come back. the presidential election may have carried that through. were disappointed by some of the state wide results when president obama was winning. a mixed mood. it looks like a good night in
11:51 pm
california for democrats. they may not have done as well as they hoped, but prop 30 is significant. it appears that most of the issues that democrats favored -- so i think the joyous reaction is more solid than it was years ago. >> with it being so close, how long do you think it could take before we know the outcome. >> days. a lot of county will stop counting tonight and waiting to get the absentee votes. it could be a few days. it's trending in the right direction for those who want it to pass but still a bot of ballots to be passed. >> could be the end for congressman pete stark. >> the polls are suggesting that, but it's surprising. an incumbent who is well liked in washington to be taken out in
11:52 pm
one of these top two primaries is a surprising outcome. >> well thank you for your insight tonight. we appreciate it. >> thank you. >> take you now to plaza. a lot of students have been there watching the returns. she talks about are they still out there tonight debra or gone back to dorm rooms. >> most of them have headed back to the dorms. classes in the morning and after the president's speech they all left pretty happy. but you'll recall four years ago college students helped put president obama into office. they feel tle did their part keeping him there. [ chanting obama ]. >> it was sort of like a campaign rally here tonight as the viewing party started at 5 stretched until 11:00. and if you take a look at the view from the balcony, there was a huge crowd.
11:53 pm
police put it at 12, to 1300 people. the crowd grew and grew until the president spoke. and there was much applause during that. many of these students have never voted before. >> it was a great way to start off college with an election my freshman year. it makes you more interested in politics to start off with. it breeds an interest in politics that i'll carry for the rest of my life. >> called voters to know where following locations were. it's really important to me. so i've been waiting for this for a while. >> it felt amazing to vote for the first time. especially with all college students. we're able to share our opinions and like you said, it's the most important year for higher education. >> take a look at their faces when word came that president
11:54 pm
obama had gone over the top. shop surprise laughter tears hugging students thrilled. stayed here until just a little while ago when the crowd started to thin. the die hardz here right now are interested in ou how prop 30 is doing. that is the proposition that would freeze the education cuts and that is near and dear to them because it will determine whether they have tuition hikes. >> a warm day around here. record heat. 82 degrees at the oakland airport. that was a record. temperatures tomorrow cool significantly. about ten degrees. temperatures on thursday another ten degrees. major cool down coming. these were the higs today. second day in a row. not as warm.
11:55 pm
greens are 60s, yellows 70s. that's how it goes tomorrow. it's back at the beaches right now. going to be dense in the mornings. and then cooler tomorrow. in the extended forecast, showers on thursday. here comings the cold front. scattered showers at 1:00 on -- lingers to friday afternoon. the five day forecast, kind of interesting scenario. weather advisories in the mountains. with those snow levels, we're expecting travel concerns over the weekend. it's going to be nice on the weekend, though. >> so going down for a quick dive and then back up. >> big drop. >> thank you. >> joe's here with sports. been a little busy. i don't know what's going on. >> the answer is not very much. it was a day of sports where
11:56 pm
things got out of the way and het the election be the story. 49ers back in santa clara today. aldon smith is the team's ladier with sax. also a guy who was the subject of a tweet during the break that said he had been jumped where he went to college. smith denied it. also addressing the nature of other field trance gregss and how quickly news travels. >> it's a nature of the business. media works whatever it is. i think bad news quicker than good news. something i don't have control over. i do have control over my actions and i take care of myself. >> do you feel like you've grown up in the last, you know, six months or so since you've been through a few things. >> yeah. i hope so. yeah.
11:57 pm
i'm growing up. i'm learning from my actions. learning from everything, good and bad. so i'm maturing, whatever. >> this may be the only night a game between -- rushing. 27-24 but with less than a minute to play. left side and went to the end zone. 34-27. if this game was important to you it's because you probably had money on it. more of the normal bay area sports seen. the warriors hosting cleveland. >> a final word on the election. it is a historic night in america. president obama been releekted for second term. 270 needed to win the white house. florida is still too close to call. mitt romney has 203 and has
11:58 pm
already conceded. >> we want to check proposition 30 here in california. governor brown's attempt to cut billions of dollars from education. we see a surge in the yes column. and we want to thank you finish trusting ktvu news. it's been a long night. but well see you the next time news breaks. >> news begins at 4:30 a.m.. all the reaction including proposition 30. other races too close to call as well. and we're always here for you at and mobile ktvu. . >> the
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